Gravity Sensor Remote The watch shape remote has on sensor inside, Click the Gravity Sensor control button, you can move the remote to control the drone’s flying direction.



AHA (Altitude Hold Adjustment): When you release the throttle stick, the drone stays hovering at the current height.



One Button Take off/Landing: Once the drone is communicated to the remote control, simply press the "One button take-off/Landing" button, the drone will take off automatically; Press the button again, it will slowly land to ground 


HEADLESS MODE AND ONE KEY RETURN HOME FUNCTION: Orientation of the drone in relation to the pilot. Great function when the drone is out of sight. The function is dependent on the direction of the user when paired; One Key Return Home Function: Avoid losing the drone, and fly the drone back with the simple click of a button.

3 Speed Levels:  from low to high suitable for both beginner and experienced. 

Easy to Charge: Integrated with a USB power charger port on the remote for you to charge the battery without taking it out. It save your cost to buy new AAA batteries.

Lighting System: Equipped with LED navigation lights and remote control indicator light for night flight. 

Watch Drone( Car )

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